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Welcome To Sudarsan Fluxmart

Our Capabilities:

Sudarsan Fluxmart LLP brings rich experience in building SAW fluxes for wide area of welding applications. We  are committed to manufacturing submerged arc welding and supplying the fluxes processed by agglomeration process.We have a wide product range applicable for fabricating general structures, pressure vessels, ship building, offshore structures,pipe manufacturing and hard facing. We also have capability to build specialised flux based on specific/unique application. Materials covered are mild steels, low alloy steel, heat resistant steels, stainless steels and inconel alloys. Wires for the submerged arc welding are intended to be outsourced to renowned manufacturers.

Our Team:

Sudarsan Fluxmart LLP is promoted by Dr. K.P. Dhandapani, a metallurgical engineering from IIT, Madras. He holds masters and PhD degrees from the same institute. He has very rich experience in welding and fabrication of welding consumables manufacturing

He has worked for 35 years in BHEL , Tiruchirappali. He has been trained at Welding Research Institute, Bratislawa, Slovakia in the field of SAW flux design and manufacturing. He worked for M/S Mailam India Limited, Pondicherry for 2 years after retirement from BHEL, developing special agglomerated SAW fluxes for hardfacing HR and stainless welding.

Quality Policy:

SFL is committed to supply SAW fluxes and wires meeting the quality requirements of both national and international codes & standards, satisfying the customers.